# CoVid19 Update #

It is with a sad heart but the club is closed until further notice for training, gym and games. This is the consequence of now being in tier 4.

The Government has said that U18s can continue but this is not feasible as it takes adults to run sessions and parents to bring and collect children and this risk is too great.

I have been involved with the club since 1986 and these are the strangest and most unprecedented times we are in BUT the club will survive as the ethos is way to strong to falter.

I for one want to go into 2021 with a much more optimistic view than this year, this will definitely go down as our ANNUS HORRIBILIS but we are still here and safe unlike some poor souls.

Take care all associated with the club and I will hopefully see many of you soon.

Look out for further updates.

Wayne Hausen


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